Journal of Education Studies

Journal of Education Studies (JES) is an official quarterly journal, issued by the Faculty of Theology and Social Science, ADVENTUS UNIVERSITY, Cernica, which is also published online.



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  1. The author submits the article online or by email to
  2. The editor in chief assessed the required section and stylizations, originality, and that the paper is appropriate for the journal style.
  3. If the editor in chief rejects the article, the author will be announced, and the process will stop here.
  4. If the article is accepted, the editor in chief sends it, without author details, to the editor to initiate the peer review process.
  5. The editor sent invitations to the reviewers.
  6. The reviewers accept or decline considering their expertise, conflicts, disponibility and interest.
  7. If the number of reviewers is not complete, the editor continues sending invitations until he found two proper reviewers.
  8. The reviewers read the article several times. First, they will form a global impression of the paper. They can reject the work in this stage if there are serious problems. Then they complete a report with a recommendation to accept or reject it. This may include some revision requests.
  9. The editor evaluates the reviews and formulates a decision.
  10. Editor in chief communicates the decision to the author.
  11. If the article is accepted, the paper will be published in the following number of JES.
  12. If the article is accepted with some revisions, the author needs to resubmit a new version. The editor in chief will decide if the paper will be assessed again via reviewers (in this case, steps 5-10 will be reconsidered) or if it will be sent directly into production.
  13. If the article is rejected, the editor in chief will inform the author.



>> JES vol.3/no.1/2021 [Download]

Simona Talida MILICI, Students’ Motivation to Learn During the Pandemic, 5-18
Cristina Simona ALBU, Adaption of the Beginner Teachers in Primary and Pre-school Education, 19-39
Ramona Simona KIRU, The Values Transmitted through the Play in Early Education, 40-54
Eleonora Mihaela POPA, Aspects of School Integration in Student Acquisitions and Performance, 55-87
Florin RĂDUȚ, Generation "Z" and Social Networks, 88-126


>> JES vol.2/no.2/2020 [Download]

>> JES vol.2/no.1/2020 [Download]

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Eliza Mihaela Spătărelu, Ph.D., Editor-in-chief
Lecturer at the at the Adventus University, Cernica, Romania

Mihai Covaci, Ph.D., Editor


SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE  (in alphabetical order)

Flavia Cracană-Iosub, Ph.D., Adventus University, Cernica, Romania

Diana Csorba, Ph.D., University of Bucharest

Alina Dumitrescu, AIIAS, Phillipines

Maria Goga, Ph.D., Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest

Ruth Hernandez, Ph.D., Montemorelos University, Mexic

Laura Maftei, Ph.D., Adventus University, Cernica, Romania

Marin Manolescu, Ph.D., University of Bucharest

Zenobia Niculiță, Ph.D., Adventus University, Cernica

Roxana Paraschiv, Ph.D., Adventus University, Cernica

Aurora Szentagotai-Tătar, Ph.D., Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca

Alina Turculeț, Ph.D., Transilvania University, Brașov




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